October 19, 2014

Day 19: Give

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Day 19 of #captureyourgrief is Give.  Give means so many different things to me right now, I can't nail down just one concept of give...

I want to give to others in honor of Jackson, so that his short life makes the world better.

I was given such a short and sweet time with him.

I gave him a home while he was here with me.

People have given us so much love and support during our time.

I want to give him to the world, so that people know him and remember him.

We have given to baby loss and pregnancy loss charities in His honor.

God is teaching us a lot by giving to Him.

The Lord gives and He takes away.

God has given us so much....

See?  I can't figure out one thing for give, give means a lot of things to me.    

I give him to you, God, because he was yours first, and will always be yours.  But please, keep on carrying me through this, because I can't do it without you.  You give me hope.

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