March 3, 2011


I looked at my pageviews today and WHOA, I've had 2000 views!!  Don't worry, I turned off the counter that counts my computer - since I probably go on my blog 50 times a day to get to other blogs:)  I love that people are reading about my BLAND life ( know, because our last name is Bland...ahhhhh funny!)  Sorry.  Anyways, I hope that what you read here is good and inspiring somewhat?  I love reading and sharing about books, like a blogged book club or something, and I love being crafty and decorating and being able to share all that.  Thanks for reading - whoever you are!!

Now, I need to get my followers up;)  Hint hint!  You know, if you have any GOOGLE or GMAIL account, you can follow me!

Oh man, it's already March 3 and I havent even STARTED one of my 10 for March.  YIKES.  I'm still reading Dave Ramsey, but I may start one of the other books too so that I can get a start on the month.  The Library called and one book that I requested is there.  Plus I'm getting on amazon right now and ordering the rest.  I'll post this weekend my final 10 for March.  I promise I'm going to TRY so hard to finish 10 books while working full time and being exhausted every night.  I promise!!! :)