March 23, 2011

My rating system!!

I finally developed a fancy schmancy rating system for my book reviews!!!  Well, it's not too fancy.  Have a looksie:
This way, when I read a book and review it here on my blog I can put up 1-5 books and everyone will know what it means!!!   3 books or higher means you should probably read the book, if it sounds like it'll interest you (the 4s and 5s you can almost bet your bank account you will like!)  2 books is eh...I got through it and probably won't give it a second thought - but still, if my review describes a book you would be interested in, go for it.  As for 1 - well you can probably bet I won't even finish that book.  See what I say up there - why did I waste my time?  I hate wasting time! 

I do need to say that these are only my opinions.  I did not major in reading or writing, so I am in no way an expert.  I can only review based on what I think of each book - and how you read and review the same book will be very different!  That is why, even if I hate a book, I'll try to give you a brief description of it just in case you would like it!

Ok now I have to put this handy dandy "system" up on my blog somewhere so it's always visible. 

Hope everyone is having a good day!  I've started Unbroken and so far its good - not reeeeeally my type of book but it's too early to tell!

Stayed tuned for.....
  • Happiness Project reveal
  • Guest Room reveal
  • Craft room update
  • Ideas on how to display books
  • Research on how books enhance our lives!