March 24, 2011

Writers block

I have no idea what to write about tonight!!!

I'm still working on Unbroken, I have A LOT to say about this book.  It's really good.  I didn't think I'd like it but I am learning a lot.  I am enthralled with what the men in the Air Force had to endure during WWII.  But, I'll write more on that later when I finish.

I'm not working on a whole lot right now?  I've been busy working and reading and being a wife (cooking, cleaning, etc).

I am thinking about my Happiness Project and have started a few things with that, but I haven't finalized it yet so I can't really post about that.

I'm thinking more and more everyday about writing a book.  I really want to do it.  I'd love to be a writer!!  I just have to figure out what to write about.  I enjoy reading books so much, I have so many ideas for books but I have to settle on one idea first and run with it.  I don't know, it's such a big commitment, writing a whole book!  Especially right now when I have a FT job that takes a lot out of me!  But, this long term sub school counselor job ends in May.  Hopefully I'll get a permanent position in the fall, but that means my summer is wide open right now.  I may take a month, like June, and write a whole book - like Gretchen did in The Happiness Project.  She took a month (November is apparently write-a-novel month - check out the site ) and wrote a whole book.  There is a book out there to help us to do this, its called
So I may invest in this book for April and read it.  I like the low-stress, high-velocity thing.  I also like the title, because I don't have a plot and it's telling me that's not a problem.  LOL.

I also want to write a series of kids books for counseling purposes.  As an elementary school counselor, I use books ALL the time to teach points - but I find sometimes that there are a lack of books for certain situations and certain age groups.  So I'm thinking about writing these books too. 

Lots to think about.  Will I be an author one day?  Who knows!?  I'm not sure I can write well.  It's all well and good here on the blog where I don't really know who is reading it and if it is even enjoyable, no real editing going on here either.  LOL. 

So we will see.  I'll get into some more interesting stuff this week.  I have a lot of books to read still and only 7 days now to do it!  Off to read.....