March 14, 2011

Ah marriage...

marrwage is what bwings us togefah today"  Anyone know what that quote is from?!?!? 

I finished Book 3: Committed by Elizabeth Glibert.  She is the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love, a huge hit with everyone in the world as she stumbled through a divorce, traveled around the world in search of balance, and wrote about every single moment of it! 

Her book, Committed, is more like a self-quest study on marriage.  Everything about marriage, why people go through with it, what it means for men and women, why the church and government love or hate it, etc.  It's very interesting.  She has many of her friends tell her different ways they see or do not see marriage. 

I don't 100% agree with her take on the "Christian" view of marriage, I think she got that part a bit wrong or out of context (by only reading certain parts of scripture and not others) she is not totally wrong but I think she missed the mark.  Anyways, she says up front she is not an expert, that this was for HER personal research on how to approach her second marriage and not to fault her for it.  So I don't!

One particular part I loved is how her and her new beau steer around having an argument.  You know those moments, when you are both tense and edgy and want to have an attitude with your loved one?  Why not just WARN each other?  As in, say, "We need to be careful right now..."  A hey, heads up, if something else comes out of either one of our mouths, it's going to be nasty!  Dave & I aren't good at that;)  We say whats on our minds, nasty or not....not all the time, but sometimes, and it's not always a good thing.  So I like this method of "warning" each other.  Say it, take a little break in another room, and come back later to life again together:)  That one just one little part of the book...but that really stuck with me.

I give it a 3 out of 5.  It's a good read, I did want to finish reading it but not with that desperate "I NEED TO KNOW" attitude.  I was just interested in learning what she learned on her self-exploration of getting married.  If you like Eat, Pray, Love - you will like this.  You will like learning what happens to Liz and Felipe after EPL.  Its written in a distinctive way, not a novel or a bio or anything like that - just informative with fun things sprinkled here and there.  Good times!

I haven't decided what is next, but I'll post tomorrow when I have figured it out!  My amazon books came in the mail this weekend and the library has another one held for me - I think I may have all 10 books in my possession at the same time this week so I can finally take a picture of them:)  You should see my new Jane Austen Collection book - its beeeeautful!