March 11, 2011

Sicky McSickerton...

That's what Dave & I are calling each other right now.  Its awful.  I think I have the flu - it's so awful!  I feel soooooo.....fluish inside and out.  UGH!  I haven't been able to blog because of how icky I feel!

I haven't really been able to read that much either.  Can you believe that?  Too sick to hold up a book!  I started reading Committed by Glibert, it's really good so far I can tell I will like it.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get a bit more reading done and maybe post my review.  Such slowing going this month - I can't catch a break!

Plus the "to do" list is piling up.  It's hard when BOTH of us are sick, because neither of us have the energy to tackle cooking or cleaning.  When we are hungry, we've ordered out.  Mostly though, we haven't been hungry:(  Tonight we really thought about toughing up and going out to DuClaw, until I tried to get dressed and almost passed out from the sheer exhaustion of just getting dressed!  So Dave, being a wonderful hubby and feeling much better now than I do, is going out to pick up some much needed groceries (i.e. cat food, milk, oj) and is ordering us food from DuClaw and bringing it home to lovely!  I feel the end of the illness is in sight, my head isn't as foggy and I don't feel that I have a fever anymore (last night it got up to 101.2) so yay for getting better!

Hopefully this weekend I can get around to putting together the bed that the lovely Conklins just dropped off to us - we need a bed in our 3rd bedroom for guests and Crystal and Mark happened to have a super cute extra one now since they are moving!  Its from Pottery Barn and it really sweet.  We may have to reconfigure the furniture arrangement in the bedroom to fit it nicely.  But, all the best things are free!!  I also want to tackle moving all the craft stuff in that room down to the craft room - I've been dying to jazz up and fill my beautiful craft room but I just haven't had the time or I've been too sick!  That will be one big project together, since all my stuff is currently in the 3rd bedroom.  So when I get better, that will be what I am doing next in our home:)

Here's to getting better, getting some house stuff done, and reading more - *clink* with my ginger ale cup;)