March 9, 2011

Gotta love a good book!

I finish book 2 last night - YAY! probably should be done 3 or 4 books by now and I've only read 2, but I'm not going to focus on that.  Yikes....yikes....ok, wait....don't focus on that!

a soft place to land was GOOD book.  I really enjoyed it.  Definitely a please-pick-me-up-and-keep-reading-me kind of book!  I love those types:)  I give it a 4 out of 5.  The book was about two sisters who lost their parents in a plane crash when the girls were 13 and 16.  The sisters shared a mom, but have different dads, so they are technically half-sisters.  Because of how the will was set up, the oldest has to go live with her dad and fairly evil stepmom in VA, and the youngest is sent to live with her father's loving and happy sister and her hubby out in San Francisco.  The sisters drift apart - blame, guilt, anger, etc has come in between them...and they have to figure out how to get along in this new arrangement.  The book spans over 15 years I think, 9/11 makes an appearance in this book too. 

It was really good.  Read it!

I'm battling a fairly awful cold right now, maybe borderline flu - who knows?  I always get sick, and I just started working in an elementary school again so you KNOW there are germs flying around in there!  I've been going to work and doing ok - washing my hands like an OCD person and not getting too close to anyone and disinfecting everything (because being ME....I'd re-infect myself next week!)  But I've got this achy, scratchy throat and feeling feverish, and body aches - yuck!  I was supposed to go to my parents house after school and help mom paint but I dont think I can - I should probably rest, right?  So much for being productive this week! 

My next house projects, when I shake this stupid thing, are 1. to move all my craft/scrapbooking stuff into the new lovely craft room and organize it all - this excites me, is that weird?  2.  Prime and paint an old white Ikea sofa table that is PUUURRRRFECT for our "launching" pad area.  I remembered I left this piece at my parents before moving out, and reclaimed it.  Better to repurpose something we already own instead of throwing money at something new!  I have all the stuff to jazz it up too, the brushes and the steel wool to scrub it and primer and the black/brown paint that matches our furniture.  Then all we need to do is get the little square cubes to put underneath it, and we will have our much less junked up launching pad!  Still need to figure what to put on the wall above it, and figure out where to move our "Ireland" stuff - which we still want to use and LOVE (thx Heather) because we put our keys on them (Dave would lose his constantly if we did not have this, so we must use it!)

Ok, off to rest.  Sleep - take this sickness AWAY!!!  AWAY!!!!

My next book is Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert (eat, pray, love author) starting tonight...