March 28, 2011

Awesome book!!! Hunger Games!!

I started this book on Saturday night and finished it around 1am last night (Sunday) or, well I guess I should say this am (Monday).

I had to stop for sleep on Sat night, for church on Sun am, and for dinner with my parents yesterday afternoon (but believe me, I wanted to break all sorts of ethical rules in church AND at dinner and read through it all, lol!) but once I got home I cracked it open again finally and could not put it down until I was done.  I tried.  Around 11:45pm I told myself I had to stop reading, turned out the light and tried to sleep, but I couldn't because all I wanted to think about was how this book was going to end?!?!?  I figured since I was agonizing over it and not sleeping anyway, that I may as well finish it!  So, around 1am I was done. 

This book is SO good.  It's a 5 for sure!!!

The heroine is a teen names Katniss, who lives in a post apocalyptic world.  To remind the people in the 12 districts of the blasted apart US just who is in control, The Capitol (people in control) runs the "Hunger Games" every year.  24 teenagers (2 from each of the 12 districts) are put into a huge arena and fight to the death, just for the amusement of the Capitol really.  Every teen from 12 to 18 is obligated to enter for their name to be drawn, every year the number of entries grows with age.  Katniss' sister is newly 12, only has one entry in the drawing, and still her name is called for the Games at the yearly ceremony called the "Reaping".  Katniss volunteers to take her sister's place, Katniss is sure she has a better chance since she hunts and provides for their family, and is older, and can't imagine her meek, young little sister in an arena with 23 other murder hungry teens.

The story is so awesome.  It's an easy read, honestly if you have a whole day mostly uninterrupted, you can finish it!  I highly recommend this, for teens and for those adults like me, that just love love love "kidlit".  Well, it's more Young Adult or YAlit really.  Its such a different type of story too - teens forcing to kill each other to survive?  It doesn't sound good but believe me, it is!  Katniss is not crazy about the idea of murdering others, but what choice does she have? 

You'll love it, I promise!  Read it and let me know what you think!  Or, if you've read it, post a comment!!  I'd love to know everyone's thoughts.  Books 2 AND 3 are on the list for April, I have to have them....NOW!!!