March 22, 2011

Around my French Table - YUM

The cookbook I am reading this month is awesome.  Oh so yum yum amazing.  That's not sophisticated enough of a description!  J'adore, beacoup!  I think that is sort of right.  My French is so rusty.  I'm sure you get the gist of it;)  I love it!
Guess what I made first?  Yep - that there right on the cover!!  Chicken with garlic and lemon.  I have pics of some of the steps and of COURSE I forgot to take a picture of the finished product!  We snapped the top off and dove right in and taking a picture of it slipped right out of my mine as I enjoyed the delicious, perfectly cooked chicken;)
 Most of my ingredients, minus the 4 pound chicken...
 Through all of the veggies and lots of garlic in a saucepan...
 Put it in my fave cast iron pot, brown the chicken and put it on top with lots of salt, pepper and other herbs and trim the pot with dough - this seals in the lovely juices and herbs...
....and here it is all down waiting to be cracked open (actually, I didn't really have to crack it?)  But alas, no picture of the opened pot!  Oh well.

I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I'm going to make maybe one or two more things out of this cookbook.  There is something so awesome and amazing about reading and cooking with the French.  Maybe it's because I love France so much.  I love PARIS so much.  The first time I went and was out in the open in that beautiful garden between the Louvre and the Champs Elysee (Jardin des tuileries) - I was head over heels.  I've been there twice and I hope to visit at least two more times in my life.  I'd love to learn to cook there one day, maybe we can even live there when we retire.  Ah, a girl can dream.  But I do love to dream big!

Until then, I'll keep learning about French cooking and making lovely meats and breads and cheese platters and just dream away!

Oh yeah, I give this book a 5.  Because it's French and it's that awesome!