March 27, 2011

Purge Week!!!

It's Purge Week over at a bowl full of lemons and you KNOW I'm going to be a part of that!!!  I love purging!!  It's actually part of my Happiness project (more on this tomorrow) for this month:)

So far I've cleaned out my closet and our kitchen pantry.  Here is my closet all "done":

This is the after picture, I should've taken a before.  Just imagine all those jeans and sweatshirts thrown in a haphazard pile up on the top shelf (they're folded now, I promise - I just have a lot), the skirts and work pants overflowing that hanging organizer, boots flowing out of the bottom of the closet, and a lot of the clothes falling of the hangars!!!  It was a closet nightmare!  I really want to re-work my system in here, but due to our Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover we don't really have the money for a new closet system so I have to make this do.  I could still stand to throw away some clothes.  I keep going back every few days and pull something else out!  I'll re post a pic later this week after I comb through it again!

Here is our pantry before and after:

 We had NO system here.  Just buy stuff and throw it in there!!!  But now....
We have organization!!!  I bought those red baskets up on the top from the Dollar Store to organization all my baking stuff (we bake a lot around here!) and moved the cereal/pop tarts boxes to a shelf that Ash can actually reach (not sure this is a good or a bad thing, lol?!?!) and rearranged the stuff on the bottom.  It works a lot better for us.  I also know now what I need to buy more of, because "everything has a place" in here and if we are running low I can easily see that.  I love that motto!  I would love a hanging organizer for the inside of the door, and I could hang our aprons on the wall there on the left.  All in good time though!

So this week we will be purging through the following:
  • Dave's closet
  • Ashley's closet
  • The game closet in the basement
  • My bathroom stuff (I have a TON of hair/body/makeup stuff)
  • Office
  • Craft room
  • Hall closets (both of them)
It's going to be awesome.  As Toni says on her blog; Clutter = Stress.  Gretchen says it in her Happiness book   This is SO true for me.  If things are messy and cluttered in my house I really go crazy, it's funny!  So here is to creating more sanity for the Bland house (Dave & Ashley will appreciate this, probably not the work to get to sanity, but the sanity will benefit them for sure) lol.