March 30, 2011

Almost April Already?!?!

How's that for alliteration;)

I'm plowing right through.  Yes, yes, tomorrow is the last day of March and I still have Sense & Sensibility to finish, not to mention the last few chapters of book 9, Crazy Love. 

I will get better at pacing myself.  This month was rough because I had just started working, and for almost 2 weeks I was really sick, most of that time I didn't want to pick up a book!  So ashamed!!  There will always be a reason NOT to read, but I will have to learn to push through those reasons.  Just like last month, I didnt finish Total Money Makeover by Feb 28th, well...there were only 28 days, right!?!?  LOL - always an excuse.

Like I said in Feb, if I'm not done the 10th book by the end of the month, I can't beat myself up about it.  I just need to try harder next month!  I'm not stressed about it, otherwise it wouldn't be fun anymore - it has to be fun:)  I did finish TMM a few days into March, just like I will finish S&S, maybe into this weekend.  I noticed that I read really slow this month.  I'm not sure what that's about.  Except for Hunger Games, I chewed that book up whole in a day!!  Good thing Book 2 & 3 of Hunger Games are on the list for April, that will help me through the April 10 faster;)

So here are my reviews:
I give this book a 4:

It's really awesome and if you feel a little stale as a Christian, or need a kick in the butt from God - this is the book for you!!!  One part that stuck with me is that over the course of time on earth, over 125 billion people have walked it.  In about 50 years, give or take a decade or so, no one will really remember who I am.  Everyone I know will probably be dead, no one will care what job I've had, what car I drive, what schools I attended, what clothes I wear, etc.  No one will care.  This can be terrifying, or reassuring, or a little of both.  The point is, we need to make our time here on Earth count for God and God only...the Kingdom is what matters, not me.  It makes me feel small and unimportant, but I am, aren't I?  I mean, in the grand movie of the world, I'm nothing.  I'm ok with that!  I just want to always be sure I am doing what I can for God, not for myself, for Him. 
It's a good book.  It can be harsh and a healthy slap in the face, but I needed it!!!  I definitely recommend it!

Book 9 was So Simple Window Style:

I give it 2:
I think there are probably better window treatment books out there.  I didn't like how I needed all this "extra" stuff to make a simple curtain for our windows downstairs.  Turns out I didn't really need that stuff, I made them without!  See?
 My fabric for the curtains - this is for the window in our basement, which is themed Baltimore and we have a LOT of Ravens stuff down there!
 Mid-project, in my new craft room on my own design of a sewing desk:)

I cant get this pic to go right side up, lol!  These are the curtains all done.  Two panels to go on the bars, but I bought the wrong size bar so I cant hang them yet!  Oh well, the curtains are done!  Once they go on the bar they will fold up a bit, I'll post a pic when they are hung! 

Anyways, I could've done this without the book honestly.  So I'm moving on from curtain sewing books, I don't need the fancy schmancy stuff in there, I can either do them easy like this, or the no sew curtains with curtain clips.  Easy Peasy, no how-to book needed!

Tonight I finish the last little bit of Crazy Love, and start S&S!