March 5, 2011

The Kings Speech, Jane Austen Book Club & Weekends!

I started reading this book yesterday.  Its pretty good!  It reminds me how much I LOVE Jane Austen - and how I think I want to read all her books in the course of this year.  Yes, I know I've read P&P before, lots, but it's been prob 5 years or more since I've read it all the way through.  I've never read Emma or S&S all the way, but I have started them before and something always came up that I didn't finish them.  Plus there is Persuasion and Northanger Abbey too - so maybe one a month until they are all done!  I need to find a big "complete works" of hers, since she is one of my favorites. I'll review this book when I am far its ok - but I cant judge it just yet!

Last night Dave & I went to see The Kings Speech.  I LOVED it.  I love movies set in England, first of all.  Maybe because my mothers side of the family lived there (some still live there, actually) and it's in my blood - but I just love England and learning about the history of the royal fam (who doesnt, really?!) and all the proper, respectful ways and most of all the way they talk!  This movie was awesome.  Awesome cast, Colin Firth was so amazing - what a great actor (Well, those of us who are P&P lovers already know that!)  I highly recommend it to those who have that spark of interest as I do.  Some others my find it a snoozer if they arent into that kinda movie.  But man oh man, if it didnt went Best Movie I'd be calling someone up - it was lovely!

This weekend is busy busy.  I'm trying to make the most out of my weekends now that I work full time during the week.  I love love love my job, I love being a school counselor, even if it's while someone else is out for a while.  I also loved being a housewife, so it's nice knowing that in a few months I can do that again.  Then we have to figure out what we want, babies, jobs, babies....both...who knows?  Today I am helping mom at the house, still lots to do there, and later I'm going to see a musical at HCC with Ashley and my mother-in-law.  Guess what it is?  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!!  I was in that show in high school, I've been singing the songs all morning.  Ah...high school drama memories, some of the best times I've had!  I'm also practicing my bride & groom cake pops later on tonight or tomorrow, there are TWO showers I've been commissioned for - since we are trying to (slowly) do this even business.    I'll post pictures of them - I hope they turn out cute!  Plus I am trying to finish a house project I started Thursday night for our dining room...hoping to get that done too. And read two books.  Man, I better get started!

Have a great weekend!