March 31, 2011

Sense and Sensibility - Review

I'm not done, not even close....hopefully by tonight I'll be at least halfway through it!!  Since it's March 31st, I'd like to at least have my reviews done of the book!

Isn't my copy of the complete works of Jane so pretty?  I love it!

Sense & Sensibility (for those of you who dont know, are there any of you?!?!  lol) is about a family of three girls and their recently widowed mother.  They are basically turned out of their big beautiful estate by the fathers son (mothers step son) who does not wish to honor his father's dying wishes to make the women's lives comfortable.  The 3 girls, 19, 16, and 13 respectively - with their mother, move to a cute cottage on a big estate of a family member.  The story is about their lives here and their adventures and heartaches in love.  I love this story.  It's beautiful.  It's the story of finding "the one" but back in the 1800's when the language was so full and beautiful, and the world was more proper in manners of love and courtship.  The sister's personalities are so different, each are lovable in their own ways.  Elinor is reserved and uncommonly patient and kind, Marianne is wild and sweet, and Margaret is curious and cute.  Any girl will love this story.  The language and writing takes some getting used to, but once you read a few chapters you won't notice it, you will learn a lot of new words reading this book too!  I give it a 4:
I should finish this book over the weekend and start book 1 of my April 10.  I've already got 6 of the 10 books, I'm just waiting for Amazon to deliver the other 4!  I post my list either tomorrow or Sat, with a pic to follow when the books are delivered!!

I can't believe March is over, just like that! 31 days have passed so fast, where has the time gone?  Hopefully my Happiness Project will help me appreciate time and life more and I'll actually KNOW where April went - I'll be able today, "Yes I spend April trying to be more healthy!" 

I'm off to read more!!  Check out my House Tour tab, I've updated a little;)